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POWERhouse Track Promos are the weapon for choice for artists, labels and management agencies that know the value in Soundcloud as a platform when used correctly.

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POWERhouse Promo has a quality control filter in place to ensure that we’re only pitching quality. To apply for a promotion please click below and fill in the form. Someone will then be in touch with you quickly if we can proceed.

The number one question we get asked the most here at POWERhouse is “How does this work?“.

Our system is different from others as it delivers real traction, growth and plays by latching onto the followings of other influencers. We have access to an army of real and active artists, labels, managers and networks that are willing to recommend tracks and profiles to their followers to help them grow. This works the same way as if you asked a friend to share your profile to their friends. If for example your buddy has 500 followers and recommends you to theirs, you might pick up a few plays as a result. This is a great way to promote and every promotion expert in the world knows that word of mouth and personal recommendation is still the most powerful marketing tool in the world in any industry. The problem with this is that you only have so many friends to help.

The method above is great to a point, but the difference here is that we have 50,000 friends with Soundcloud accounts and between them they have over 30 million fans. When you order a campaign from POWERhouse we begin recommending you to connected users. They will then check out the user and if they like the sound of things, they’ll share the track to their followers. This is a totally organic process and users have the option to pass on artists/labels which means that every play is real.

We also have a smart-tracker that prevents anyone associated with POWERhouse from reposting more than 10 tracks per day. By doing this were able to prioritise quality over quantity. Most of our competitors use the complete opposite method and focus on quantity over quality. We’d much rather see 1000 plays from 1000 real people that actually listen and absorb the music as intended rather than have 100,000 fake plays from bots and spammy reposting channels.

Once you think about the potential in this process you’ll quickly understand that this form of promotion is the ultimate growth tool for Soundcloud. If you’ve paid for fake plays, like or comments before, you’ll know they are useless and hopefully be itching to see what we can do.

If you would like to ask us anything about who we are and what we do here, or just want to talk music – you can contact and we’ll work together to meet your personal needs.