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The War on Fake Plays & Bots

Let’s talk about fake plays and fans on Soundcloud and disprove any myths that they have value.

We’ve all seen him/her. 2 million plays, 500,000 likes and 100 comments that loop between “nice” “boom” “cool track” yes” “thanks” and on and on. If you’ve ever checked out these “fans”, they all seem to have a few things in common. “sick drop” on a chill-out tack, “dope lyrics” on an instrumental – I could go on and on.

To celebrate the innovative new technology and algorithms that allow POWERhouse to construct entirely legitimate and human/fan driven promotions, we have compiled an extensive list to explain exactly why buying fake plays, likes and comments is doing you much more harm than good.

Bot/Fake Followers Do Not Engage With Your Uploads:

That’s right, sure you can probably find a sketchy service out there that will sell you 5000 fans for £50, but the fact is that these are nothing more than numbers on a screen. If I have an account with 20 real followers and you have 5000 fake ones, if we both uploaded the same song at the same time, I’d get more plays than you. That fact alone should be enough to confirm that faking it is an embarrassing waste of time.

Bot comments are obvious and make you look like an amateur faker:

You might think that you’re clever paying someone to post random bot comments from fake accounts on your releases to make you seem more popular than you are – but who are you trying to convince? We’ve worked with hundreds of leading artists, DJs, record labels and management agencies and we can all spot fake comments from bot accounts as clear as day. You’ll get caught out doing this and when you do, you can forget getting taken seriously by any of your peers.

Buying fake followers is against Soundcloud’s Terms

If you give a damn about your account and project, buying these useless add-ons is a risky business with no reward. Get caught buying fake like and bots and not only will you lose all your fake fans, you’ll likely get your whole account banned for good. That does not seem smart?

You’ll end up with inappropriate comments on your tracks

As if the obvious fake “cool” and “gd drop” comments from blank profiles weren’t enough, eventually your channel is going to start getting spammed with anything from phishing links, to all forms of scams and viruses.

Fake followers ruin your credibility if you get any success

1 in a million of these people that buy a bunch of fake likes will get a one-time single release deal with a record label that has confidence that they can rely on the artists following to promote and sell units of the release. Well as you might have guessed, your 10,000 robot fans are not going to be buying or supporting your release and then you’ll be swiftly exposed as a con, dropped from the label and blacklisted from everyone involved. What a great way to ruin your reputation and any chance at a future with anyone worth knowing in the industry.

Fake fans DESTROY your organic reach

When you post a track on Soundcloud, only around 10% of your followers will see the track in their timeline. Let’s say you’ve got 1000 fans and you paid for 900 of them in fake likes. That leaves 100 real fans and 10% of that would be 10 real people. All that hard work producing a song, portraying an image of having 1000 fans and at maximum 10 humans hear it. That’s a pretty sad situation to be in if you have even a tiny amount of care about your music projects.

You will NOT earn any money

Bots don’t buy your records, they don’t translate to press hype, they don’t get DJs playing your tracks and they certainly aren’t fooling any professionals. You’re absolute best case scenario is you trick someone for a minute, but as soon as It gets down to business, you’ll be exposed as a fraud and you’ll carry that black mark around with you forever in the music business.

Want to get signed to a popular label or management agency?

Guess what? They’ve all got tools now that can quickly and easily see who’s faking it – so stop digging your ow grave.

So you got lucky and got booked for a show because someone fell for your fake following?

Oh no, look, no one turned up to the show because the truth is you don’t actually have any real fans. Credibility down the drown one more time.

We hear this one a lot: “It can attract a lot of attention, including from the media, record companies and agents.”

Yeah maybe if it was 2006. In 2019 anyone worth impressing can spot your fake fans and engagement as quick as it took you to order them.

“The comments encourage Conversation and get people talking

No they don’t. You could look all day and night before you found a legitimate thread or discussion that stemmed from a bot comment. Robots have nothing interesting to say.. Maybe one day in the future when AI catches up, but for now your fake profile is as clear as day.

But the first 100, 1000, 10,000 plays are the hardest to get.

Go on then, try it and see for yourself it makes absolutely no difference, you’re fooling nobody.

And some final points:

POWERhouse Promos deliver you real fans that are actually interested in the genres you’re uploading, this is how you build a real fanbase and community.

nAnd lastly, most of these reposting networks are stacked with fake followers. Sure they’ll happily charge you for a repost and you’ll see a few thousand plays quickly come in. This all looks awesome at first look. Until you look under the hood at who’s playing the tracks. All these networks are doing nothing more than reposting your track to their “massive” followings and then ordering a batch of fake plays to make it look like you got some nice results from them. That’s before even mentioning the fact that 99% of these channels will repost upwards of 100 tracks a day. That’s not a whole lot of visibility for you!

Sorry to break your hearts guys, but if you just paid a little bit more attention you’d see this is all blatently obvious and useless.

We’re sorry to have to be so blunt and negative about all of this but it’s a dark and shady secret that too many people are profiting from.

The good news is here to finish the article now though. Give us a try, do your research, look at the profiles we’re getting you attention, plays, comments, reposts and follows from. They are all clearly real and it only takes half of a brain to clearly see this is the truth

So stop wasting your time and money on bunk Soundcloud promos and allow POWERhouse to show you exactly what real and organic promo looks like. It really is that simple and easy to spot.

Hit us up and we can talk about real life promo that actually works.

  • Team POWERhouse