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Harness the fan bases of over 50k SoundCloud artists to get your music in front of millions of targeted fans. POWERhouse Campaigns are the brand new service designed for professional artists, labels and managers. Reach up to 1,000,000 organic fans in a matter of days.

What happens behind the scenes?

When your POWERhouse Campaign is approved:

Our intelligent algorithm will make direct repost requests to thousands of members who make music that matches your chosen genre(s).

Members can choose whether to repost your track to their SoundCloud fanbases, and also have the option to follow your account, and like/comment on the track.

Batches of repost requests will be sent out until the chosen reach has been fulfilled.

When the campaign is finished, you will receive a report featuring clear and verifiable statistics.

Can anyone purchase a Campaign?

No. Only high quality music from established artists and labels will be accepted. Smaller independent artists will be considered if the quality is there. You must apply before Campaigns will be enabled. Promotions will be accepted on a case by case basis.

Are all members of POWERhouse genuine accounts?

Yes. All members are genuine artists, labels or channels. We use sophisticated technology to detect and actively block non-genuine accounts from using the platform.

Are all of the SoundCloud fans of POWERhouse members genuine?

No. But we use intelligent algorithms to accurately identify how many fake/bot followers each member has. We then adjust their follower count on POWERhouse accordingly, so you will not pay to have your music reposted to non-genuine accounts. This means that if you are supported by a profile with 1000 fans but our algorithm detects 500 of those are not real, only the real accounts reached will be deducted from your available credits for promotion.

How many SoundCloud fans do members have?

Combined, our members have over 30 million fans between them. Individual accounts have between 10 and 300k followers. Your track will be sent to a mix of smaller and larger accounts.

What incentivises members to repost my track?

Members earn credits for reposting music they like. They can then spend these credits on getting their own music reposted. Reposting is optional and encouraged only if they enjoy the track and feel it would be suitable for their fans. Our POWERhouse Campaign service takes care of this behind the scenes.

What happens if a member un-reposts my track on SoundCloud

Members must keep reposts on their profile for a minimum of 48 hours. This is monitored by our automated systems. If the repost is removed before this time, their reach will be discounted from your campaign, so in theory if members un-repost your track, you end up getting even more fans reached than you ordered.

Can you guarantee how many plays/likes/comments my track will receive?

Because the engagement provided is all genuine, we can’t guarantee results except the number of fans your track will reach.

What is ‘Reach’?

When a SoundCloud member reposts your track, it will go into the feed of all of their followers. So the ‘reach’ of a campaign is the total number of SoundCloud users that a track is reposted to. A small percentage of these users (usually 1-3%) will go on to play the track and potentially like/comment/follow or even repost it themselves.

Many people are skeptical when they hear about POWERhouse, and assume there must be something fishy about the platform. This is understandable as the world of SoundCloud promotion is full of scammers and cowboys. But we ARE different.

Our group started because we wanted to take a fresh, honest and transparent approach to SoundCloud repost trading. In this post, we wanted to address some common concerns and questions about the platform and how it works.

The Myths

The plays and followers I get from using POWERhouse will be fake.

Wrong. Every member of POWERhouse is a REAL artist, label or channel. For this reason alone, you can be sure that engagement via us will be genuine. We do not use any bots or automation to artificially increase engagement on tracks and we can prove it too. When you monitor the plays, comments, follows and traction gained through our promotion, you can check every single user that has interacted with your release. Go ahead and look and you will see nothing but real people, fellow artists with their own uploads and followings, contact info and activity. This is not what bots look like. A fake account is easy to spot – look for:

  • Little to no followers
  • No uploads
  • No profile picture
  • No contact info
  • Robotic activity
  • No bio
  • Generic copy & paste comments
  • 10,000 plays and 2 comments (yeah right)

These are just a few ways to spot fakers and as a 100% clean and organic service, we encourage you to do just that.

My SoundCloud account is at risk of being banned through using this service.

Wrong. Our service is 100% in compliance with the SoundCloud terms of use. Nothing on the platform is automated and performing actions on POWERhouse is exactly the same as performing them on SoundCloud itself.

POWERhouse fills SoundCloud with spam.

Wrong. There is no reason for anyone to repost music they don’t like or that would be unsuitable for their audience. We encourages people to curate the music on their SoundCloud pages, exactly as the feature was designed to be used. There are two types of users of POWERhouse and they are 1) fans, listeners and curators that are looking for new music to add to their playlists and profiles to share with their followers and friends, then 2) Artists, Labels, Managers & PR Agencies that are promoting their new music. Additionally, policies such as our 10 reposts a day limit for ALL members support our stance against spammy reposting. Your results are our priority and these regulations are enforced to protect your projects.

This is exactly the same as buying plays or followers.

Wrong. When you buy plays or followers, you can be 100% certain that the followers will be bots (not real people) and the plays will be fake (no one has actually listened). Engagement via POWERhouse is completely genuine because no one stands to benefit from faked activity. 

The Truth

POWERhouse is operated by a trusted team with a proven track record.

We have taken extraordinary measures to ensure fairness and transparency on the platform.

  • We ensure members play by the rules by monitoring reposts and punishing those who remove them prematurely.
  • We developed sophisticated algorithms which detect members with fake followers, and adjust their earnings accordingly.
  • We prevent accounts with large numbers of fake followers from reposting at all.
  • We automatically ban members who purchase fake followers after joining.

Still have questions or concerns?

To confirm or enquire for further details regarding your bespoke package, please e-mail We’re happy to discuss our platform at length to give you full confidence in working with our team.