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POWERhouse Soundcloud Promo was a natural extension from a group that already boast one of the most effective promo networks in the business. Through years of experience working every job imaginable in the music industry, our team now boasts a collective experience of over 50 years in this line of work. Although we mastered the PR domain and launched a tastemaker DJ promotions service, both of which are now among the most popular in the industry – we’d always been confused by the mystery, dishonesty and tricks that made “Soundcloud promotions” a dirty word in the industry.

The problem with promotion on Soundcloud is that it has been washed out with non-music industry focused social media marketers that work with bots to generate fake plays, comments, followers and downloads. They have no expertise in music and are only interested in falsifying numbers. We all now know to be careful when judging an artist based on their numbers, but somewhere in this evolution, real and honest promotional methods on Soundcloud where overlooked. The industry accepted that the numbers where not adding up, but for some reason we continue to invest in these meaningless promotions that do nothing more than inflate false statistics that have no benefit to the artists, record labels or fans. So we know these promo tricks don’t work and we know that we don’t feel great about ourselves using them – so why are we not doing something about it? We felt that the answer to that is there wasn’t a great alternative that works – that’s where we come in.

Buzzing in the background behind the fake play-counts and robotic comments ruining the network is a community of long-standing social groups and channels that share the best new music found on Soundcloud. These channels have always been there and some are attracting millions of followers. Some operate as businesses charging for features to their followers and others are there to do nothing more than spread good music. What these channels all have in common is that they have access to huge organic networks of fans on Soundcloud. POWERhouse Promo acts as a supplier of new music to a vast family of leading networks on Soundcloud. Through strong working relationships and a mutual desire to use Soundcloud Promo for the right reasons, we’ve built an army of channels, tastemakers and networks for all genres that result in huge organic boosts to profile, plays, comments, reposts and all that stuff that so many people have been faking for far too long.

Our services are transparent and simple. We’ve gone through Soundcloud Promo with immense detail and reached out to the best organic networks in the world and teamed up with them to secure promotional plans at prices that are exclusive to POWERhouse. Many of our networks traditionally do not accept paid promotions and as such, we’re able to access networks that are only showcasing the music the know and love. This results in high engagement with fans, better results, higher profile and a collective increase in all measurable stats – the only difference is, what we do is real. Even the networks that we work alongside that do charge for promotions, are offering POWERhouse exclusive discounts that are not publicly available meaning that a POWERhouse promotion gets the absolute best out of budgets of all shapes and sizes. From global top 20 stars, right through to small artists and labels that know our methods are more valuable than faking it – our clients are Soundcloud champions that can remain confident that they have representation that is at the very forefront of Soundcloud Promo possibilities. Since 2012 our project portfolio has continuously revolutionised the options available for music promotion and helped to develop strategies and ideas in order to maximise the impact of what we are capable of.

If our message makes sense and you want to leave behind the unreliable and false methods of the past, contact us today on and start treating your project to expert marketing that really works.