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Welcome to POWERhouse Promo

POWERhouse Promo was a natural extension from a group that already boasts one of the most effective promo networks in the business. Through years of experience working every job imaginable in the music industry, our team now boasts a collective experience of over 50 years. We tried every Soundcloud promo service we could find, but something fishy was clearly going on. Sure they’d give our track 1,000 plays, but who were they coming from? We did some digging into this and uncovered an entire world of bot accounts, fake plays and followers, scripted comments, repost sharing and a whole lot more. The obsession was clearly all about numbers and not results. We set out to do something about that.

The problem with promotion on Soundcloud is that it has been washed out with non-music industry focused social media marketers that work with bots to generate fake plays, comments, followers and downloads. They have no expertise in music and are only interested in falsifying numbers. We all now know to be careful when judging an artist based on their numbers, but somewhere in this evolution, real and honest promotional methods on Soundcloud were overlooked. The industry accepted that the numbers where not adding up, but for some reason we continue to invest in these meaningless promotions that do nothing more than inflate false statistics that have no benefit to the artists, record labels or fans. So we know these promo tricks don’t work and we know that we don’t feel great about ourselves using them – so why are we not doing something about it? We felt that the answer to that is there wasn’t a great alternative that works – that’s where we come in.

We have 50,000 artists, labels, managers, publicists, networks and influencers now using our platform. Combined they have over 30 million followers and what makes this special? They are all real.

A team of tech-crazy developers formulated non-public a tool that’s capable of detecting fake followers/plays and we were not surprised to find that pretty much every repost network out there charging for promo is using a cheap trick. They buy 100,000 fake followers, you come along and pay them X amount of money to repost your track and then you get a few thousand plays. You probably thought the plays came from those 100,000 fans, but we checked this over and over again and the plays were all coming from fake accounts. We’d been falling for this same trick for years and decided to do something about it. This problem is a worry of the past now for POWERhouse users.

“There’s a difference between buying plays or followers and hiring a team that can get you real ones. POWERhouse is that difference.”